How to Savor the Season You’re In (Even if You Don’t Like it)

Feel like you’re stuck in a season of waiting, not quite sure your future will ever look quite how you want it to? These few tips & tricks might just help you out!

Love Deeply, Speak Kindly

You just never know the power a single compliment might hold.

Trusted With Trials

Death was never invited into my life—nothing I ever wanted or asked to be a part of.  Only that’s the thing—it comes knocking at the door when you very least expect it.

Sunday Morning Struggles (and a little about my friend, Levi)

Sometimes Sunday mornings are hard. Sharing a little advice & details about a good ‘friend’ who has changed my perspective in many ways!

Wired to Worship

Worship has more power when it becomes less about us and more about Him

If You’re Wondering if You’re Really Where You Are Meant to Be

When you can’t quite understand the plan

Making Memories in the Mess

Does ‘perfection’ truly convey the best image of reality? Who are we really fooling?

Poolside Confessions: When Comparison Takes Control 

I’m quite convinced that the greatest perk of apartment living in the summertime is daily…

How I Read the Word

A quick guide on navigating your quiet time

A Different Kind of Happy

Happy [hap-ee]: delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing. We often describe happiness…