Paper Hearts and “I’m Sorry” Hugs

2 things I learned in church this week that didn’t come from the preacher..

To The Girl Who Feels Like Giving Up

Finding purpose in your singleness + the power of a prayerful relationship

Thin Places

“Thin places: places where the boundary between the divine world and the human world becomes…

Who’s Filling Your Cup?

A deeper look into what’s filling up your cup, and the secret sauce to a cup overflowing with blessing.

How’re You Doing?

A simple question we repeatedly get asked. Have you recently actually answered it?

How to Savor the Season You’re In (Even if You Don’t Like it)

Feel like you’re stuck in a season of waiting, not quite sure your future will ever look quite how you want it to? These few tips & tricks might just help you out!

Love Deeply, Speak Kindly

You just never know the power a single compliment might hold.

Trusted With Trials

Death was never invited into my life—nothing I ever wanted or asked to be a part of.  Only that’s the thing—it comes knocking at the door when you very least expect it.

Sunday Morning Struggles (and a little about my friend, Levi)

Sometimes Sunday mornings are hard. Sharing a little advice & details about a good ‘friend’ who has changed my perspective in many ways!

Wired to Worship

Worship has more power when it becomes less about us and more about Him

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