All In

Hi friends! It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve written a new post.  Life got a little busy these last few weeks, and I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write—but nevertheless, today I’ve got some free time.  Let me fill you in a bit on some of the recent highlights this month before I get to the real point of this post…

In the beginning of November, a group of friends (who just so happen to also be my coworkers) and I, had a little girls’ night out and went to the Matthew West “All In” concert.  It was such a relaxing night full of worship and praise with some of my very favorite people.  If you haven’t heard his new album, it’s called “All In” and you should definitely check it out! So so good!




Traveling for Thanksgiving has sort of become a tradition for my family as my sister has lived out of state since high school.  We’ve always made the trip to see her since she usually had volleyball practice over the weekend and wasn’t able to travel home.  She traded the beaches of Florida for the mountains of Colorado last summer, and I can’t say I blame her.  It’s beautiful out there!  I met my family out there for a quick little trip, but it was so worth it.  We had a little fun bowling and driving go-carts on Wednesday, and were able to have a nice home cooked meal together on Thursday.  It’s always so so good to get the whole family together but always feels like it goes by so quickly…I’m sure you can relate.





This last weekend was full of even more fun and celebration.  One of my best friends from college got married to her high school sweetheart, and it was such a beautiful celebration of love centered around Jesus.  It was such a fun day and so good to see and celebrate with so many friends.



once a BVU cheerleader, always a cheerleader!


So, while it’s been a very busy month, it’s been full of all good things, and I’m very thankful!  Hopefully your holiday season has been off to a great start as well.  Now that we’re all caught up, here’s what I really wanted to tell you this week…

Back to the concert I was talking about—the album and tour name as I mentioned is titled “All In”.  During the concert, Matthew explained the significance behind it and what it means to him.  He also showed a video of a survey he took on the streets of NYC asking random people what it looks like to them to be ‘all in’.  There were a wide variety of answers as I’m sure you can imagine.  For most people, they mentioned something along the lines of being ‘all in’ in their jobs, their roles as a parent, in chasing their dreams, in relationships, and being present in every moment.  Since a few of us who went to the concert are in the same bible study, we used this concept as our weekly commit recently.  We decided to go ‘all in’ in some way throughout our week.  Everyone’s experiences and take-aways were different.  Here’s what I learned…

As hard as I tried to be ‘all in’ in every aspect of my life—I felt like I failed miserably.  At work, it was really hard to go the extra mile at 4am when I was exhausted and ready for bed.  When I got irritated or very tired, it was challenging to want to spend quiet time with the Lord.  When I got carried away doing ordinary tasks and routine things, it was easy to forget the challenge all together.

However, at the end of the week we reflected back over our successes and failures with going ‘all in’.  As challenging as it was for me, one important thing I realized was that in my own strength and effort, I will always fail.  When I try to do things all in my own power, it will never be enough.  Only through Jesus, can I even begin to attempt to do all things.  Jesus doesn’t expect us to be ‘all in’ or perfect in any form without needing to rely on him.  This was definitely an eye-opener for me as I like to be independent and not rely on other people.  It helped me to understand that it’s okay to not be able to do everything ourselves, but rather it’s okay to seek help, wisdom, and understanding when we feel like we can’t manage it all on our own.  On a positive note, it was extremely rewarding to see the result of an intentional conversation without distractions, quiet time focused on Jesus, and the difference of a positive attitude toward the little things.

So, I’m passing the challenge along, and giving you guys the chance to be ‘All In’ at something this week.  It doesn’t have to be something huge, just maybe an area of your life you could pour more of yourself into.  Perhaps it’s just the little every day, mundane things you work a little harder at being present and focused for.  Maybe it’s simply being a better listener and putting your phone down when having a conversation.  Maybe it’s being intentional about your prayer life.  Maybe it’s focusing on having a more positive outlook.  Whatever it is, I challenge you to really to try and be ‘all in’.  Write it down at the beginning of the week, and evaluate how it went at the end of the week.  I’d suggest putting a reminder on a sticky note so you don’t forget throughout the week—we all have busy schedules and the little things are easy to overlook.  It might not be super easy, but it’s a good way to see where maybe you can add a little more Jesus to your life or bring a little more joy to someone else’s.  Who knows, you may find the personal reward to be worth it!  I’m interested to see what you’ll discover. 🙂

I’m going all in
Headfirst into the deep end
I hear You calling
And this time the fear won’t win
I’m going, I’m going all in



1 Cor. 10:31 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and have an even better week!



PS yesterday I went grocery shopping with a list and meal ideas for the week, and it was so much more efficient, so if you read my previous post, you’ll know I’m making progress 🙂