Who’s Filling Your Cup?


Are you a cup half full or a cup half empty type of person?  If I had to answer that question myself, I think I’d have a tough time deciding (imagine that 😉 ). I’m a pretty optimistic person most days, but some days life can feel a lot like a cup half empty–far from ever being filled.  While I think perspective and how you look at things is very important, I’m going to throw a different question your way..

Who’s filling up your cup?

No, I don’t literally mean who pours your morning mug of coffee for you, but hold that thought.. For some reason this last week, the story of the woman at the well kept popping into my mind.  After not having read it in a while, I went back and reviewed it (John 4: 1-42 if you’re interested).  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the story of Jesus and a Samaritan woman he meets while she’s gathering water at Jacob’s well.  Jesus starts up a conversation with her and asks her for a drink of water, which is very unusual because Jews in those days wouldn’t be caught dead talking to Samaritans–surprise surprise, Jesus breaking boundaries again :).  Anyway, she’s taken by surprise and shortly after asking, Jesus explains to her, “Everyone who drinks this water (the well water) will get thirsty again and again.  Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst-not ever.  The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.”   The woman still not knowing Jesus is the Messiah, becomes interested and asks for a drink of this ‘living water’ he speaks of.  Long story short, she goes back to her village and tells the Samaritans about this man she met and how he knew everything about her.  Many of them committed themselves to Jesus after hearing her speak because of her witness (How cool–proof you can be a witness to anyone through small acts).

There are several lessons that can be learned from that scripture, but I want to look at it in terms of who’s filling your cup, and what it’s being filled with..

I think of my ‘cup’ as my heart and soul, which in a bigger picture sort of becomes my life, right?  It’s so easy for me to fill my cup to the brim with things like work, stress, relationships, comparison, money, possessions, and personal desires.  These are things that consume the majority of my time and thoughts. My cup is filled up by spending time with friends, going to work, paying bills, making time for my family, and whatever else fills up my calendar.   Yes, my theoretical cup is full most of the time, but more often than not it leaves me feeling exhausted, tired, and worn down.  I’m guessing you know the feeling.  We’ve all been there.  We run at breakneck pace to try and keep our cups filled up until we trip over one small bump in the road and everything we’ve attempted to fill our cup with sloshes out all over the place–cue mental breakdown here.  We’re left in a hot mess trying to savor what’s left inside and run on a cup that’s now maybe half full.  I don’t know about you but picking up liquid off the floor hasn’t ever worked well for me…and I should know, I spill often 🙂

Does this sound familiar? If so, the good news is, there’s a fix and you don’t have to be the one to try and clean up your mess or refill your cup alone.

Dump it Out

I want to encourage you to take your cup of worldly substances, desires, busy calendars, or whatever else fills your cup, and dump it out! We tend to get so caught up in looking in all the wrong placed to be fulfilled.  I feel filled up when work goes well, I make time to get a workout in, have a good hair day, have time to spend with friends, etc.  Only many of those things are out of my control.  It’s easy to fill my cup up with these things, but somehow the fulfillment I feel is only temporary.  So, I’m trying harder to empty it of those things.  An empty cup isn’t the point, but rather a healthier recipe for what goes in your cup…hang with me.


Add a Little Jesus…

I promise you you’ll feel so much better if the FIRST ingredient in your cup is Jesus.  When you first get up in the morning try to reach for Jesus instead of your phone.  Social media won’t serve as a good foundation for your day.  Jesus can be so much more fulfilling.  I know it’s hard; my phone is my alarm so it’s usually the first thing I reach for and so much harder to put down once it’s in my hand—but just try.  Say a quick prayer before you get out of bed.  I usually thank God quick for waking me up and giving me breath and then ask for grace over my day.  Spend a quick 5 minutes reading a passage in the Bible or a page in a devotional.  I find this really sets the tone for my day before I begin filling my cup back up with worries about the day and tasks to be done.  Start with a good foundation.  If you start filling your cup with Jesus first, he’ll show up in so many ways. Before you know it, He’ll have filled your cup for you in ways you couldn’t have imagined.


And a Little More

Allow Jesus not only to be the first thing that you add to your cup in the morning, but let him be the substance that keeps you going throughout your day.  Don’t give up.  When you start to get tired or stressed in the middle of your day, reach for Jesus.  Add a little sprinkle of prayer to refill your cup.  Throw on some worship music on your drive home.  Close your eyes (not recommended while driving 🙂 ) and take a quick breath—He sees you, He’s got this.

Just like Jesus tells the Samaritan woman (who really was a hot mess, by the way) if we keep filling our cups up with Jesus first, we’ll never thirst.  He’ll keep us satisfied.  When we look to friends, spouses, pastors, or anyone else to fill us up, we’ll find ourselves right back at the well again, let down and looking for more.  The worlds’ promise to keep us fulfilled will fail us over and over again, but Jesus never will.  He promises to keep our cups overflowing and full of blessings, but we must first come to him and allow for that to happen.  He can’t sustain us if we’re constantly going to different worldly wells to be filled up.  The wait line at His is short and the blessings are overflowing-go and be filled.

Take a few minutes and evaluate what your cup is filled with.  Where are you searching for things to fill you up? Who are you letting add to your cup? Are you filled up in the way you want to be? If not, try and dump out your cup, and start over fresh with a good dose of Jesus.  He’ll fill you up in all the ways you never knew you needed to be, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.  Keep your eyes peeled.


You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope.  With LESS of you there is MORE of God and his rule.  –Matthew 5:3 (MSG)

Much love,



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