Welcome! If you find yourself reading this post, I’m so happy you’re here! It means the world–seriously. Why all of a sudden have I created a blog, you might be wondering? Is this just going to be another trendy place where I post fun things I do, and act like my life is put-together and peachy? Absolutely not. There’s enough of that all over social media, right?  I hope this blog proves to be quite the opposite.

Blogging is something I’ve pondered over for quite awhile.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, but questions of ‘what I would write about, who would even read it, and what difference would it make?’, were a few of the doubts in my head about starting.  After much procrastination and some encouragement from a few good friends, here we are! I finally decided perhaps sharing my thoughts on a blog would not only be a creative outlet for myself, but could be also be used to maybe help just one person think about their situation with a different perspective, or hear for the first time that they are wanted, cherished, and beloved in Christ’s eyes.  And to me, that’s worth it.  Thus, A Gracious Glimpse was created! I aim for this to be a place to discuss all things faith + lifestyle related.

Trust me, I don’t have all the answers to life’s problems, or an exact scripture verse memorized to throw at you for every issue.  Because what good would that do anyway?  I don’t want this to be a place of lecture lessons, or sermon-like posts filled with ‘bible talk’.  However, I know that God is good, and has a plan for your life.  I hope this blog will be a place you can come, connect, and relate to the content I post about.  I want it to be raw, real material and stories from my own experiences. So bring your messy, broken, pieced-together life and come alongside, friend! Side note: PJs, day 3 messy buns, and make-up free faces are welcome here, no judging 🙂 

Thanks SO much for reading this–I hope you’ll stick around! (p.s. new content coming soon)